Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials: The food and equipment we find handy to have around at all times when you want to whip up a dish

Stuff to Eat:
  • Kosher salt - much have, it's a much better salt than ionized (and actually less salty) and used in pretty much everything
  • Butter, unsalted - always have plenty of butter on hand for any of your oil needs
  • Chicken breast - easy and quick to prepare, if you get the big bag of frozen ones from Costco then you don't have to really worry about the ones in the fridge going bad
  • Chicken stock - used for soups, broths, sauces
  • Wine (reasonable quality) - not your two-buck-chuck but maybe a $5-8 bottle goes far when cooking

Stuff to Use:
  • one good knife (at least) - it is amazing the difference between a good knife and a bad knife in chopping, cutting etc.
  • stand-up mixer - not a necessity but boy oh boy it makes life easier
  • food processor - used way more often than I ever thought
  • pot & pans - seems obvious enough, a good mix of pots and pans will go a long way. I will not go into things like cast iron, thick bottoms, etc as those are more of a luxury than an essential